“At a deeper level, men and women sometimes choose leadership because of what its challenges and struggles mean to them. This is because responsible leadership is a good struggle. It is a long, rigorous challenge that tests their competence and their characters fully, gives purpose and intensity to their lives, and helps them lead the kind of lives they really value.” –  Joseph L. Badaracco Jr.


Frontline is an exceptional group of caring professionals who excel in the operations management of the full continuum of senior’s housing and healthcare services including Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living, Independent Living and Home Health.

Our team is comprised of hard-working, down-to-earth individuals who share an uncommon commitment to set the standard for excellence.

This is a team which will roll up their sleeves and perform the heavy lifting necessary to engage in rigorous situations where the potential to create value can be exceptional and/or quality improvement is critical.

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Healthcare Management

Steve Veluscek
Founder & CEO

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Healthcare Management

Robert Jones
President & COO

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Healthcare Management

Dean Kiklis
Chief Financial Officer

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Adam Baker
President of the Frontline Management Resource Company

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Healthcare Management

Heather Orback-Stratton
VP of Operations

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Healthcare Management

Kelly Saracino
VP of Business Development

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Healthcare Management

Michelle deegan
Director of Clinical Services

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Healthcare Management

Richard Cannon
Resource Utilization Director

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Healthcare Management

Wendy Kramer
Human Resource Director

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Financial and Accounting Team
  • Donna Carr, Financial Controller
  • Cherise Salas, Director of AR
  • Fred Wilidi, Accounting Manager
  • Chris Kirkpatrick, Payroll Manager
  • Stephanie Hackler, Payroll Specialist
  • Ben Faddis, Senior Accountant
  • Kyle Wilkinson, Senior Accountant
  • Kelly Oliver, AP Manager
  • Amy Miller, Staff Accountant
  • Brandi Ramirez, AR Billing Specialist
  • Katie Essary, Accountant
  • Sarah McIntosh, AR Billing Specialist
  • Olivia Yang, AP Clerk
  • Stephanie Hackler, Payroll Specialist
  • Naleka Vang, AR and Compliance Manager
  • Rosemary Moua, AR Billing Specialist
  • Valerie Hawkins, Billing Specialist
  • Rose Van Camp, Billing Specialist

MDS Exchange

  • Austin Parnell, RN
  • Ashley Oubre, RN  
  • Stephanie Kurtz, RN
  • Melissa French, RN
  • Sherri Pickett, RN
  • Melissa Luna, RN
  • Sherri Jackson, RN

Frontline Office Support

  • Lorrie Ruff, C-Level Executive Assistant

Regional Support

  • Julie Diehl, Regional Operations Director
  • Angie Scott, RN, Regional Clinical Quality Assurance
  • Dona Nolan, Regional Business Development
  • Cetra Kerns, Regional Business Development
  • Jonna Hendrichs, Regional Business Development
  • Scott Shoemaker, Sales Specialist


  • Amy Jensen, HR Business Partner
  • Chris Cervantes, Recruiter


  • Amanda Cotton, Executive Director

“The product I’m most proud of is Apple and the team I built at Apple.” – Steve Jobs