values matter


We always do the right thing regardless of the consequences and we can be counted on to perform with professional excellence under pressure.  We are honest and ethical in all our dealings and we can be counted on to give our best regardless of pain or discomfort.  What we say is honest, thoughtful and productive.  We confront reality as it exists, refusing to evade, understanding that this will at times lead to uncomfortable conclusions and difficult decisions.

Respect & Compassion

We always treat everyone with the utmost respect and compassion.  We believe that this creates an exceptionally desirable atmosphere in which to live and work.   We believe that there is no justification for failing to be respectful and compassionate toward our residents, their families, our coworkers, vendors and any other individuals with whom we come in contact.

Ownership, Accountability and Responsibility

We take ownership of our sphere of influence and accept the accountability and responsibility that comes with that ownership.  We recognize that we are accountable to our residents and coworkers in addition to our supervisors and stake holders.  We own our outcomes, accept responsibility and know that we will be held accountable.

Teamwork (Mutual Supportiveness)

We work as a team and support our colleagues within the organization and our partners outside of the organization in every way reasonably possible. We understand that by working as a team we maximize our effectiveness, adaptability and resilience in the pursuit of our complex collective goals.  Therefore, we embrace the ideas, support and advice of those around us.  We work collaboratively, and develop as well as maintain productive working relationships with our coworkers, vendors, families, residents and anyone else we find ourselves working with.

Excellence in Performance

We strive for excellence in all we do.  We are passionate about performing great work and refuse to accept mediocrity.  We always give our best regardless of pain or discomfort.  We are always honest about the quality of our work, refuse to evade and understand that there is always room for improvement. We are our own worst critic and constantly striving to improve.


We put others first.  We serve and empower those around us, recognizing this as a high calling.  While we are proud of our skills, talents and accomplishments, we are not boastful nor self-obsessed.  We do not seek to be the center of attention.   Rather than evade, we acknowledge our limitations, weaknesses as well as failings and strive to improve on them.  We are thankful for and embrace the ideas, support and advice of those around us.