“Without execution, ‘vision’ is just another word for hallucination.” – Mark Hurd

Our basic formula for achieving our unusual level of success is rather simple:

   • We recruit and retain the highest quality individuals we can find.

   • We are unusually determined in our pursuit of excellence.

We don’t have a magic wand. The fact is that  much of what we do is simply dedication and hard work.  But the right people and systems are critically important.

At Frontline, our employees are our highest priority.

 “In the words of Herb Kelleher, co-founder and former CEO of Southwest Airlines – ‘Employees first, Customers second, Shareholders third.’  We believe that providing exceptional service is the best way to generate sustainable financial results which will delight our financial partners.  We believe that the best way we can provide exceptional service is by having the best and most engaged workforce possible.  For this reason our Employees come first.”

Because we are such a people focused company and we recognize our success is predicated on working with the best people possible, we have spent a considerable amount of time identifying the critical values we believe make up the character of those we want to work with.  These values include the following:  Integrity; Respect & Compassion; Ownership, Accountability & Responsibility; Teamwork (Mutual Supportiveness); Excellence in Performance; and Humility.

In order to better ensure we are working with the most capable leaders of the highest integrity and character; for all key leadership positions, we engage in an aggressive recruitment campaign designed to generate as many qualified candidates as possible. All key leadership candidates go through a lengthy, staged interview process and we have partnered with one of the leading employee assessment firms to comprehensively screen and assess applicants for high aptitude, high integrity and strong alignment with our core values.

To better ensure we achieve our desired outcomes, we have developed a proprietary Performance Matrix which monthly assesses each facility’s performance within each of Frontline’s Five Foundations of Excellence.  Frontline has also produced a comprehensive list of proprietary operational programs called the “Frontline Fundamentals” which are categorized within Frontline’s Five Foundations of Excellence.

Healthcare Management

Five Foundations of Excellence

The Five Foundations of Excellence are hierarchical and build upon each other, starting with the most critical – people, or in this case, employees.  If we don’t get the right people, the mission is over. We will not be able to provide good quality care or customer service, our census or occupancy will be compromised and our financial results will suffer.

This hierarchy of foundations also allow us to better diagnose the root causes of operational challenges.  If net income is not where it should be, is this due to a lack of expense control (Finance Foundation) or census (Growth Foundation)?  If a low census is the reason for the depressed net income, are our customer’s not satisfied (Service Foundation) or is our quality of care not what it should be (Quality Foundation)? If either of these are an issue, do we have the right people in place (People Foundation)?

Technology is key to operational performance in this industry and Frontline is a leader in the use of technology.

Following are a number of the ways our technology sets us apart:
  • All medical records are electronic in our Assisted Living facilities as well as our Skilled Nursing facilities.
  • We have transitioned to electronic medication administration records where we have capable pharmacies.
  • We utilize a sophisticated dashboard software to remotely monitor key performance indicators in real-time.
  • Ordering of supplies is done electronically through integrated procurement software for better expense control and improved financial reporting.
  • Facility maintenance programs are monitored remotely through building maintenance and management software.
  • In our Skilled Nursing Facilities the MDS process is being centralized using our proprietary MDS Exchange program.
  • Use of advanced nurse call systems
  • We are implementing voice activated technology within our facilities to help our residents better communicate and control their environment.